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Load boulders into your catapult and launch them over the castle walls at incoming war machines. Switch to your scout in the tower for a better view of your shot. Manually reload and adjust your catapult with physical controls and LOOSE!


  • Team Lead / Programmer / Designer : Shaun Prince
  • Gameplay Programmer / Designer : Aljon Viray
  • UI/Enemy/Level Programmer: Gavin Dent
  • Royalty Free Music:  Kevin Macloed
  • Additional Unity Asset Store Models: Phil Mertz


  • WASD, Shift - Move, Sprint
  • Spacebar- Jump
  • E - Pickup or drop objects, Operate gears/levers
  • Q - Alternate operation of some gear/levers (other direction) 
  • Tab - Switch between catapult operator and scout

Note from developers: We never got to make a win or lose condition lol.

Install instructions

Download LOOSE!.zip, extract the contents into a folder, and double-click "Loose.exe"


LOOSE!.zip 58 MB

Development log

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